Waking Up to the Power of Time


Do you or your team find it difficult to have a healthy relationship to time?   Do you find you or your team  

feel worried about the future?

feel there is never enough time to get every thing done?

unnecessarily waste time or opportunities?

Imbalances in time are reflected in missed deadlines and often being late.  These patterns can invade the culture of an organization and can be particularly challenging for non-profit organizations.  When this happens, companies have difficulty achieving the positive results and outcomes they desire.  The pressure of time begins to feel unbearable.

Waking Up to the Power of Time teaches tools to use time more wisely and meaningfully, and transform the pressure of time felt often at work.  Using time well gives focus and energy to your actions.


  •  Understand the nature of time, how the uniqueness of each moment will help us not waste time,  to focus on what is most essential now.
  •  Understand the value of time and the importance of acting on opportunities.
  •  Learn to embrace deadlines by aligning with the energy of time.
  •  Discover the mindsets required for a healthy beginning, middle and end of any process or project.