Transforming Stress into Well Being, Clarity, Productivity and Financial Success

frustrated businessman compressed for webYou and your team’s ability to successfully transform stress is one of the main predictive indicators of whether you all can:

1) Work effectively with change in your business and

2) Be financially successful.*

*Study published in the Team Performance Management Journal.  Click here to learn more.


You are invited to participate in a half or full day training designed to teach participants to develop resiliency in the face of stress and change and to integrate those skills with creating a thriving stable profitable organization. 

  • Discover the underlying causes of stress in business (it may not be what you think).
  • Become aware of the symptoms of stress and learn how to dissolve it before it becomes anxiety and fear.
  • Realize why ‘stress reduction’ methods mostly do not work.
  • Recognize the structure of stress.
  • Develop structures for well-being, clarity and problem solving – even in the most difficult of circumstances.
  • Create healthy sustainable patterns for financial  success.
  • Experiment with techniques to balance and integrate thinking, feeling, and doing to get the very best results in your business for yourself, your team, clients and customers.

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