Attention Busy Women Executive Directors and CEOs:

Are working at 110% half waiting for a ball to drop?

Do you keep thinking “I can’t get any busier…” but then it happens.

From: Teri Beckman in Durham, NC

Let’s stop.

For one day.

Imagine you have the time and space to recalibrate.

Imagine it is possible to gain more balance and perspective.

Imagine deep ongoing happiness, joy, and satisfaction while you work.

Imagine you know---without a doubt---that you create what happens in your organization or business.

Re-connect to your larger vision and purpose.

Discover what is most critical to focus on.

Release what is distracting, time consuming and holding you back.

Align your most deeply held values and vision with how you are running your business.


Now, stop imagining.

You are about to discover specific, exact techniques and tools  to create states of mind that are powerful and confident enough to lead your organization, unify your team, and connect the people you serve to create the high-level outcomes you know are possible.

Have you always known something bigger is possible?  You are in the right place.  This is likely something you have been wanting for a long time.

If you are:

  • New to your leadership position or
  • Serious about taking your organization to the next level

you know the challenges are many.

The pace of change is accelerating. 

The economy and market are changing in unprecedented ways.

A whole generation is retiring.  New leaders with different values are emerging.

The political environment locally, nationally and around the world is uncertain.

Technological changes continue at the speed of light.

Business relationships of all kinds reflect these seismic shifts. This has a significant impact on how you think, your state of mind, and on the states of mind of your team and on your opportunities.  Never before has leadership training been more important.

Change Your Mind: Change Your Business is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

This full day deep dive is a chance to:

Find yourself and your soul.

Reconnect to your larger vision and purpose.

Discover what to focus on and what to release to align yourself to your vision. 

Then get ready as your vision comes into being – with more ease, grace and speed.

These methods have yielded extraordinary results for individuals and organizations and have the potential to dramatically impact your life, your company, your community, and quite honestly, the world.


SilvinaWhen I saw the Training the Mind for Leadership Program I fell in love with it!  Then I thought “it is not for me, I cannot do it, it is for important people, for leaders, for businesses owners, not me”.  Fortunately I did not listen to that voice, but asked myself and others, is it possible for me to participate?

In an Assessment call with Teri I saw that as I serve so many people as a therapist, trainer and teacher, directing two organizations, I must learn to take care of myself in a much deeper way.  This was a profound insight.  I knew this in theory, but now I felt it deep inside.

I signed up for the training quickly and as I participated I found my states of mind continually improving.  During my coaching calls with Arnaud, he patiently answered all my requests and helped me overcome both outer challenges and inner obstacles.  As a result, new ideas and projects came to me and I could respond openly, with creativity and joy.  I could be both open and effective even in very difficult situations.

I knew the training was having a deep impact when I was able to successfully train 30 managers to develop communication and leadership skills in our businesses.  It was a big challenge I had never done before, but Training the Mind for Leadership gave me the skills I needed and the outcome was more successful than I could have ever imagined. The extraordinarily positive feedback we received surprised both me and my colleagues.  This training is still having positive ripple effects throughout the companies.

As a result of Training the Mind for Leadership my confidence, strength, clarity, firmness, openness, happiness and courage have increased.  I have gained the knowledge to lead my organizations more effectively, as the mission and meaning of my life and businesses are  more clear, open and radiant.

I have no words to thank Arnaud and Teri for their work, dedication, generosity care, and love.  If you are thinking about enrolling in this program, I suggest you do not hesitate. You will not be sorry.

Silvina Villafane, Director, Lineas Creativas and Discovering Paths,

Maria Cecília MartinsWith Training the Mind for Leadership it was possible for me to first see and then touch directly all the emotions experienced in business with more awareness. Then, without judgment or attachment, use the power of the energy within these emotions to make a genuine decision and choose a healthy path for my business, linked to my sincere intention to flourish.

I can see the shift in myself from being worried with the daily operations to being aware of all the opportunities that surround me.

As a result, my company is implementing new services which more directly meet the actual needs of clients.  This is opening new business opportunities in new market niches.  This kind of energy and awareness is nourishing me and my company towards a more stable and sustainable pattern of growth.

Maria Cecilia Martins, Director and Partner, MCO Communications,

1. Flourishing Mind develops unshakeable confidence.

It counteracts a poverty mentality – the fear that there will never be enough. When your mind is flourishing, you see opportunities right in front of you that before were hidden from view.  Desired business results appear quickly.

2. Relaxing Mind gives you the freedom to act.

Break out of the two or three habitual states of mind that are well-worn comfortable ruts that keep you stuck in your work. With a flexible, relaxed mind you can take effective appropriate action in your changing business environment.

3. Disciplining Mind creates more opportunities.

Learn to set your own standards and targets in time and create the conditions for success.  Your next best steps become clear.  Your mind naturally becomes positive as you align with your desired results.

4. Concentrating Mind measurably improves identified business results.

Learn how to focus your energy, intelligence and sensitivity even in chaotic circumstances.  With a nexus of sensitivity, you are able to align, attune, and respond to challenges. An all-inclusive awareness develops.  You are becoming a leader with a mind that can focus without distraction.

5. Timing Mind releases your true potential through your business.

Learn to actively engage in the dynamic of time.  You will see clearly the natural cycles of your life and business and the states of mind required to be successful in each cycle.   You will appreciate and embrace the power of deadlines and targets in time.  With the power of time on your side you will accomplish more than you ever imagined.   

PaulaAs I considered Training the Mind for Leadership, I knew I wanted a change. I wanted to make my real estate brokerage business grow but wasn’t clear about the steps to follow. In addition, I wanted to learn how to stabilize my energy during the day to get better results.

As soon as I began the program, I felt I had received a precious treasure that made me happy and enthusiastic and which encouraged me to learn.  Little by little, I started to understand more clearly how the mind works. I have learned I can be a leader of my mind and my life, and this has encouraged me to take more responsibility in both my personal life and business.

Training the Mind for Leadership has cleared my mind, my path and shown me a new way of working.  As I have become more committed to leading my life, I am using time better. I am planning my days more effectively and am clearly more productive. My focus and the strengths I bring to my business have become sharper and clearer, and I see the next steps to make the business flourish even more.  I feel less stress and more capacity to attract and serve my clients in the best possible way. I want to follow this path and develop all positive qualities available for myself and and everyone I touch in both business and family life. I‘m sure as I continue to work with these mind trainings my business will continue to grow and my clients will benefit.

Paula Zemborain, Owner/Broker, PMZ Propriedades,

How does Training the Mind for Leadership work?

What can you expect as you take part in this transformative experience?


  • We will start with an individualized need and wish assessment tool, allowing you to see more clearly and deeply what is happening now in your business. Just seeing clearly often helps you know your next best step. The assessment also insures the coaching is laser-focused on your specific goals.


  • Every three weeks you will get a new training where you learn one of the In-Depth Leadership Mind Trainings critical to your successful business. (You will be able to download a high-quality audio recording of the training and can listen as many times as you need.)
  • Each Mind Training comes with a Momentum Building Toolkit. This is where the rubber meets the road. Here you will begin applying the mind trainings to your own life. The toolkit includes worksheets, short powerful readings, audio recordings, and suggestions to practice cultivating each specific quality of mind and apply it immediately to your work.


  • Use these sessions to ask ANY questions of Arnaud and Teri, receive specific coaching on any challenges and opportunities as you go through the program, and learn from your colleagues’ questions. These calls will be recorded so you may go back and access them at any point.
  • Private One-on-One Coaching is also available for individuals who wish to deepen their experience and get results more quickly. Please inquire how to take advantage of this.


  • You will receive a weekly email from Teri and Arnaud helping you further focus on specific actions for implementing the mind trainings. The emails will include key implementation strategies to help you pay attention to both important immediate results and to your long-term vision and goals.


  • Not everyone is able or desires to do this kind of training. You will be part of a special group. The bonds you will form and the support you will gain from the group will be an invaluable part of your experience in the program.
  • A private Facebook group forum will further solidify these bonds and is open only to program members to encourage, brainstorm, give and receive resources throughout the 17 weeks.
  • A daily Accountability Buddy will support and guide you during the program. We will assign you an Accountability Buddy who is in the program to speak to by phone or Skype to for five minutes every weekday morning. You will hold each other accountable to implement your mind training and to take action to create a flourishing business and work life. Each month you will rotate partners. (Partners can also opt to stay together for the duration of the program.)

CamillaParticipating in the Training the Mind for Leadership Program, I have become wiser learning how to contact love and wisdom within myself.  Working with the contemplation and work practices, meditation and reflection practices in the training program supported me tremendously as I walked this path.

I have rediscovered that balance comes by allowing my inner voice to give me the answers I need and feeling the greater force that keeps us alive and strong. I now see things more clearly without creating unnecessary complications, thus more able to make a more powerful choice in every situation at work and in family life.

As a result I enjoy life more fully and accept the constant changes arising within relationships and situations.  I have learned to be more motivated by love, and less by desire or attachment.  I find there is more positive thinking within my mind and a genuine desire for the best possible outcome in all situations.

As a result, the team I lead accomplished all objective and commitments this year with much less effort and more joy.  We accomplished this in the midst of a company-wide transition with key leadership positions open.

Camila Ferrigno, Director of Professional Services, Diagnostic a Brasil Ltda., Roche,

Total Value: $7,900

Early Investment Price Available to You Now: $1,497

You have the option of making a one-time payment of $1,497 OR three monthly payments of $530.  

Register with a one-time payment of $1,497

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Register with three monthly payments of $530

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Christine SpringerWhen I started working with Teri, I'd been in business for several months but only had one (discount) life coaching client. I had a blog with very limited content. I had no structured marketing plan and no idea of how I was going to attract clients without getting all sales-y.

In three months of work, Teri helped me develop packages and pricing in line with my industry, edited content for my website and helped me develop a marketing strategy that felt authentic and doable. Her guidance and feedback helped me attract my first client at my new pricing structure!

More than just the tangible results I have seen, I have been so happy with who I have become as a result of Teri's coaching. She is intuitive, tough and encouraging....a dynamite combination for any coach! As a coach myself, I have known many coaches and I think Teri ranks as one of the very best. Her unwavering support helped me work through the mental and emotional blocks that were keeping me from growing my business to it's full potential. I feel unstoppable now! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Teri. She is amazing!

Christine Springer, Austin, TX,

Who this program is NOT for:

This program is not for those seeking a ‘quick fix’. Many business owners and leaders have gotten great business results applying these mind trainings diligently applying themselves to the work of the program. Results can indeed be fast, but it requires that you apply yourself to the training, practices and reading and are serious about wanting to explore and develop your own patterns of mind.

It is not for those who prefer superficial solutions to problems.  Although the Skillful Means approach is always gentle and non-judgmental, to make significant progress, you will be asked to look at your situation with deep honesty.  At first this can be an uncomfortable process.   However, if you apply the methods and practices sincerely, your situation will immediately improve.

It is not for those looking for the latest business fad.  Skillful Means comes from an ancient Buddhist tradition grounded in over 2,000 years of mind training.   The structures and practices you learn can be applied directly and effectively to modern secular western businesses.  They are time-tested and not derived from the latest fad or theory.  New scientific research about the mind and brain function, however, aligns amazingly well with the knowledge found in Skillful Means.

Training the Mind for Leadership is for entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to release more of their potential by developing their minds to make the very best use of their time now.

Training the Mind for Leadership could change the trajectory of your business and work life in a most critical way that will open the door to successes you never imagined.

For the first time, it is offered on a limited basis in an affordable group format in early 2014.  It will not be offered again anytime soon.

The full payment or your first payment will be due upon your registration.


If you sign-up before January 31st you will receive the following:


  • A private one-on-one Kum Nye yoga class to support deep relaxation at any point during the program (time to be mutually convenient with yoga instructor – to be scheduled via Go to Meeting).


  • For those who do not have them, the three required Skillful Means books will be shipped to your home.
  • A complimentary download of “Becoming the Inner Manager of Your Life” and “Skillful Means Talks” to allow you to begin to prepare immediately for Training the Mind for Leadership.


  • You will receive a 50% discount on the Three-Day Skillful Means Retreat “Combining the Energy of Time and Vastness of Space--- Create Unbounded Opportunities and Infinite Possibilities in Your Business” including room and board on June 12, 13, and 14, 2014 at Ratna Ling Retreat Center (Value: $750)

Register with a one-time payment of $1,497

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Register with three monthly payments of $530

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Time is precious and this opportunity will not last.

Are you ready to lay down the negative, distracted, fragmented states of mind that have kept you from reaching your full potential?

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business to deeply increase your capacity to bring positive change into the world through your work?

Training the Mind for Leadership is for you.

Imagine expanding your mind to be able to grow your business and organization in an unlimited way that allows you and everyone who has contact with you to flourish and develop.  Become a leader.

This may be the best investment in yourself and your business that you ever make.

We begin February 3, 2014.

Register with a one-time payment of $1,497

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Register with three monthly payments of $530

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Take the next step.  Join us.  We can’t wait to work with you.

With very best wishes,


Arnaud Maitland

Center for Skillful Means
a division of Dharma Publishing


Teri Beckman

Center for Skillful Means
and Skillful Means Training

P.S.  Imagine yourself 4 months from now – with abundant new opportunities, an ability to create stable positive patterns of mind that support your desired business results, deep appreciation for your work and satisfaction that only comes from knowing you can make a significant positive difference in your world.

P.P.S.  Questions?  Please reach out to Teri directly at  I am happy to set-up a call to see if Training the Mind for Leadership is the next best thing for you.  We begin February 3rd.

JudithTraining the Mind for Leadership allowed to me to develop more positive states of mind in a systematic way.

Flourishing Mind helped me clarify my vision for my family's business and I was able to share that with all of my employees during our first inspiring and uniting annual meeting. The response was very positive and immediately we began to feel more like a team.

Relaxing Mind and Disciplining Mind helped me relate more clearly and positively with my team even when facing sensitive or difficult situations. Concentrating Mind helped me to know where to focus and what is most important in the present moment.

With Timing Mind I saw more clearly the different cycles of my business and life and how to best participate in each cycle.

I feel closer to my business and more confident to lead in a way that supports and empowers my team so together we can achieve the vision of a thriving harmonious farm.

I can see more clearly now the new human and technological investments we are making will insure our farming operation flourishes long into the future.  My actions and those of my team are aligning with the vision for the company.

Judith Kacowicz, President, Establecimientos 8 de Mayo SA (Commercial Farming Operation), Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Register with three monthly payments of $530

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