wave compressedWelcome to Timing Mind.

Working with Timing Mind we have the opportunity to become familiar with the natural cycles of time, beginning, middle and end.  

Everything in business, everything in our lives follows these cycles, whether we are aware of them or not.  

Cycles overlap each other and are within each other.

There are specific qualities of mind required to be successful in each cycle of time.  First we must know where we are in the cycle. 

Take your time as you work through this material.  Awareness of each cycle can give you the knowledge you need to be successful.

Begin with the audio training and then move to the Momentum Building Took Kit.  The Tools Section includes a powerful meditation and worksheets to help you come “into time”.



Audio Training

Momentum Building


Please begin here. The audio training provides the foundation for our work over the next month. Listen carefully in a place you will not be interrupted. Take notes and listen again to anything that is not clear. Then proceed to the Momentum Building Toolkit.

Timing Mind Audio English Only Part 1

Download Timing Mind Audio Part 1

Click here for Spanish/English Audio

Here you will find Suggested Practices and readings to begin to apply this mind training to your daily work and business life. Please engage the practices with effort. At the beginning it will be some work, but as you work with Timing Mind a natural flow will develop, that is both relaxing and productive.


Timing Mind Momentum Building Tool Kit

Check out these powerful tools to assist you in your practice.
Download them to any device and you can take them with you!

Developing Stability and Contacting Light

Download Developing Stability and Contacting Light


Setting Targets and Staying in Time