rhodie condensed for webWelcome to Flourishing Mind

Flourishing Mind is the foundation of all the other mind trainings.   We hope you enjoy it.  Flourishing Mind will give you a foundation for a positive open mind that recognizes opportunities and skillfully works with obstacles.

Begin with the audio training and then move to the Momentum Building Took Kit.  The Tools Section will give you great support as you begin to practice your flourishing mind.

Audio Training

Momentum Building



The audio training provides the foundation for our work over the next month.  Take time to listen carefully in a place you will not be interrupted – the recording is approximately thirty minutes.  Take notes and listen again to anything that is not clear. Then proceed to the Momentum Building Toolkit.

Flourishing Mind Main Audio

English only

Download Flourishing Mind Main Audio


Click here for Engish/Spanish Audio Version 

The Momentum Building Tool Kit will give you direct support to begin to cultivate a Flourishing Mind and get better results at work.  This Tool Kit explains the theory a bit more and provides very practical exercises to begin to cultivate this state of mind. Download: Flourishing Mind Momentum Building Tool Kit Check out these powerful tools to assist you in your practice.Download them to any device and you can take them with you!

MSW – An Introduction to

Silence, Clarity, and Ease

Download MSW – An Introduction

Silence Clarity and Ease – the Body

Download Silence Clarity Ease the Body

 Silence, Clarity, and Ease – the Breath

Download MSW – the Breath


Waking Up To Time Practice

Download Visualizing Positive Energy

If you are looking for a more active practice in the morning, try Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga: Touching Body Energy.

The video below will walk you through this practice.  The Silence Clarity and Ease meditation can be especially effective after doing this exercise.

The second video demonstrates Opening the Heart.  This is another powerful exercise you can do daily.