Welcome to Disciplining Mind.

Disciplining Mind focuses on the mind’s ability to organize resources for the purpose of bringing a vision into the world.  It is motivated by love.

‘Discipline’ has many heavy connotations in our culture – but engaged with love and lightness it will help bring your results into the world with more ease and speed.

Begin with the audio training and then move to the Momentum Building Took Kit.  The Tools Section will give you great support as you begin to practice disciplining  mind.


Audio Training

Momentum Building


Begin here. The audio training provides the foundation for our work over the next month. Please take time to listen carefully in a place you will not be interrupted. Take notes and listen again to anything that is not clear. Then proceed to the Momentum Building Toolkit.

Disciplining Mind Main Audio English Only

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Here you will find Suggested Practices and readings to begin to apply this mind training to your daily work and business life.

Disciplining Mind

Disciplining Mind Momentum Building Tool Kit

Check out these powerful tools to assist you in your practice.
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Chart of Self Discovery


Waking Up to Time