sun beam and clouds compressed for webWelcome to Concentrating Mind.

Concentrating Mind  supports focus of  your energy, intelligence and sensitivity.  

Awareness merges with the object of concentration you choose – the object most important to meeting your goal in this moment.  

Concentrating Mind is like a bean of light that illuminates and dissolves confusion.  

As we learn to focus awareness, the quality of work improves, our output increases and we grow more motivated and energetic. 

Begin with the audio training and then move to the Momentum Building Took Kit.  The Tools Section will give you additional support as you practice Concentrating Mind.

Audio Training

Momentum Building


The audio training provides the foundation for our work over the next month. Take time to listen carefully in a place you will not be interrupted. Take notes and listen again to anything that is not clear. Then proceed to the Momentum Building Toolkit.

Concentrating Mind Audio English Only

Download Concentrating Mind Audio

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Here you will find Suggested Practices and readings to apply Concentrating Mind to your daily work and business life.



Concentrating Mind Momentum Building Tool Kit

Check out these powerful tools to assist you in your practice.
Download them to any device and you can take them with you!

Fully Focusing

Download Fully Focusing

Silence Clarity Ease the Mind

Download Silence Clarity Ease the Mind


Chart of Self Discovery


Setting Targets and Staying in Time