Attention: Entrepreneurs, Business and Non-Profit Leaders

Are you ready to reduce stress and improve your business and organizational results?   

Use the resources you have at hand to develop your mind to become more resilient, effective and happy while directly engaging with and transforming difficult circumstances.

From the desk of Teri Beckman
President and Founder of Skillful Means Training

Dear Busy Business Leader (and future leader!),

Are you ready to transform negative patterns of mind so you experience more joy and better results in your work?

Are you ready to reduce or even eliminate stress in difficult circumstances? 

Have you had enough of feeling distracted and drained of energy?

If yes, you are in the right place!

The Path of the Stress-Free Leader develops the mind and its capacity for

  • flexibility,
  • concentration,
  • clarity and
  • responding skillfully and wisely to immediate challenges.

Taste real freedom as you become a leader of your own mind, work, business and life.

The holiday season can be particularly stressful.

  • meeting year-end deadlines,
  • setting goals for next year,
  • dealing with challenging family, office and business dynamics,
  • heightened pressure to participate in social activities.

During this time when others may be making exceptional demands -

The Path of a Stress-Free Leader is a gift to yourself.

It is an opportunity to deeply take care of yourself and unravel long held patterns that cause stress, so you can be more helpful to both family and friends and to your business and organization.

You know the patterns – the ones that keep creating the same stressful feelings that don’t go away, regardless of how many vacations you take, parties you attend, drinks you have or Facebook or Linked In posts you make.

I will show you step by step how to relax the patterns of stress and begin to develop new healthier ways of being in the world.

As your stress dissolves you will give your work colleagues, partners and family the gift of your true presence and your business the gift of new insights and opportunities.

  • You will gain clarity and focus, knowing how to respond most appropriately to both difficulty and opportunity.
  • You will feel more comfortable engaging in sensitive conversations at work.
  • You will gain skills in moving more fluidly between multiple important tasks with more ease.
  • You will gain a new ability to engage with what is most important to you with more energy and vitality.

Transition into the New Year in the most positive productive way possible.

Gain a renewed sense of hope and an expanded capacity to work with your own mind
to get better results at work and at home.

Read the Path to the Stress-Free Leader Program Overview and register below:

I want to begin right now!  I understand time is limited and it is important that I act now before registration closes.

I will receive four weeks of online training immediately and will have access to the training for six months.  The program includes:

  • Key Trainings and Applications to Unlock the Frozen Patterns that Cause Stress (Value: $1,500)

This includes online access to both video and audio training that can be downloaded and listened to from my computer, an iPhone or iPad at my convenience.  Additionally, a written summary of each training allows me to further deepen my understanding and learning.

  • Discovery Action Tools (Value: $1,000)

These tools include specific and powerful practices to uncover the causes of stress and difficulties for me as well as methods to unlock these stuck situations.  I will learn how to take actions that immediately make difficulties better.  Tools include worksheets, suggested readings, resources, and handouts.  There will be new tools each week to help me focus and begin to practice working to transform stressful difficult situations as they arise.

  • Bonus #1: Two 60-minute Group Coaching and Question and Answer Sessions with Teri (Value: $300)

Here I will gain clarity on next steps in my own path for transforming stress and getting better results in my work.  I will have the opportunity to ask specific questions to help me progress faster.  I know if I miss the call, I will have a chance to listen to it later.

  • Bonus #2: Full access to the Transforming Stress Into Well-Being curriculum and programs for 6 months (Value: $1,000)

Access is provided in a members-only password protected online area where everything is there for me and I can access the information from any computer.

  • Bonus #3: Participating in this program, I will receive a $197 credit eligible to be used for the next Training the Mind for Leadership programs offered in early 2014.

After completing this training, I will be better prepared and ready to take the next important steps in training my mind for leadership.

  • Bonus #4: For an additional $250 I can schedule 2 private coaching calls with Teri

I can schedule these calls at a mutually agreeable time between now and February 15th, 2014 for additional tailored support and guidance as I dissolve stress patterns and discover my capacity to lead my mind, business and life.

You get access to it all RIGHT NOW when you register below.

Total  Value: $4,247

Early Investment Price Available to you Now: $197

The book, Skillful Means by Tarthang Tulku, is required for the course.

Register now for instant access to the course.  Once you have completed payment click 'Return to Beckman Enterprises' to complete your registration process if you do not enter the program immediately.

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I know this is a crazy good deal.  I won’t offer this program again at this price and the price will go up before registration closes, so please take advantage of this early bird opportunity.

The program starts as soon as you register.  The minute you sign up, your world will begin to change as you learn new ways to approach difficulties in your life and work.

Coaching calls are scheduled for:

  • January 15th at 1 pm Eastern time
  • January 23rd at 1 pm Eastern time


Week 1:   Become aware of your specific stress patterns.

Week 2:   Learn exactly what creates stress and the difference between tension and stress. Discover the fastest way to ‘cut’ stress. Begin to work with time.

Week 3:   Uncover the imbalances in perception and action that cause stress.  Practice powerful antidotes to these imbalances at work and watch your stress dissolve.

Week 4:   Discover the power of time.  Improve your relationship to time and heal stress giving you control over your life.

The program registration closes on January 6th  and I will only take 20 participants.  Don’t waste time.

Begin 2014 with a new sense of possibility.

Register now.

Register Now!

I really look forward to working with you.

P.S. Now is the time to do something to understand your own patterns of stress and unlock your potential to lead a life of meaning and accomplishment.

If you have any questions, you can email me at  I am also happy to chat on the phone and answer your questions.

Here is what people are saying about working with Teri:

Dean KunleinI believe one seeks a business coach for one of two reasons; they may feel stuck in time, or they are overwhelmed with the growing amount of change around their work. I found that Teri and the Powering Your Results Program has helped me move from a stagnate place operating a seemingly reactive video production company to a more proactive business and life focus.

The discipline and clarity I have gained through the course work, and specifically, the videos and coaching, have been invaluable. Through regularly scheduled discussions Teri would discover the obstacles, then assist me in identifying methods to redirect my perspective on those ‘hold backs.’

Her keen sense and easy dialogue/manor freed me to recognize my positive qualities and leverage them to my advantage. I continue to weave new found confidence into all of my business dealings.

I am thankful that through my partnership with Teri/Skillful Means I was able to secure a contract with a long sought new client and I continue to see rewards both in my business and personal life. Whether it’s a sense of being ‘stuck,’ or being overwhelmed, Teri will help you realize your talents to build positive momentum.

Dean Kuhnlein, Owner of Pass Left Productions, Durham, NC

Christine SpringerWhen I started working with Teri, I'd been in business for several months but only had one (discount) life coaching client. I had a blog with very limited content. I had no structured marketing plan and no idea of how I was going to attract clients without getting all sales-y.

In three months of work, Teri helped me develop packages and pricing in line with my industry, edited content for my website and helped me develop a marketing strategy that felt authentic and doable. Her guidance and feedback helped me attract my first client at my new pricing structure!

More than just the tangible results I have seen, I have been so happy with who I have become as a result of Teri's coaching. She is intuitive, tough and encouraging....a dynamite combination for any coach! As a coach myself, I have known many coaches and I think Teri ranks as one of the very best. Her unwavering support helped me work through the mental and emotional blocks that were keeping me from growing my business to it's full potential. I feel unstoppable now! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Teri. She is amazing!

Christine Springer, Life Coach,, Austin, TX

Laurel FereljohnTeri is all heart and all practical empowerment. The Skillful Means workshop on developing a vision for work offers life-enhancing experiential learning to further a dream and bring it to reality. In my case, I became focused not only on what I want but on who I am in the process of realizing my dream—and I created specific goals that will be key to my success.

Laurel Ferejohn, Professional author and copy writer,, Durham, NC

Javier RockwellI signed up to train with Teri in a Skillful Means Communication class to revive a more balanced and authentic quality in my working life. Teri’s instruction comes out of a deeply rooted tradition, but is thoroughly adapted to the issues of the modern workplace. Over and over again, she gently and effectively helps me recognize how my perceptions of situations tend to flatten into conceptual, opinionated caricatures of a far more complex and richly-textured reality. Through a combination of experiential exercises and a down to earth theoretical framework, Teri’s guidance points me to a fully embodied, felt sense of what is actually at play in the challenges I experience. Although her instruction is gentle and experiential, it is also precise and focused on meaningful accomplishment: “Start and end on time; communicate facts; keep the mission in mind; and rely on an even breath to find balance in challenging situations AS they arise.” Teri practices what she preaches, and I unequivocally recommend her classes and her work to anyone looking for a way to train in and sustain a deep, vital balance in the workplace and in life!

Javier Rockwell, Carrboro, NC
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