Dear Creative Entrepreneur,

quotes-on-success (1)This Fall you have a special opportunity to take a deeper dive into your business, a chance to get the support you need to create a business that delights you and serve your clients and customers in the best way possible.

Yes, both are possible.

Take a moment to answer these questions:

Are you ready...

  • to get the support you need to align your individual values and desires with a business that creates real and increasing value for your clients and customers?
  • to be connected to a community of entrepreneurs that genuinely supports you?
  • to take your work and business to the next level – strategically putting the systems and a team in place to develop lasting value for ideal clients, who show up and are ready to say ‘yes’ to your offers?
  • to serve more customers and grow?

Are You Ready to LOVE Your Business?

happycreativewoman300If yes, Stay Connected – Get Results is for you.

Stay Connected – Get Results is a six month Coaching and Mentoring Group of entrepreneurs creating a learning community that provides support and encouragement through both your victories and in the dark places.

This structure helps you move faster and create a real business that has the potential to change the world.

We will meet in person monthly, six times, for three quarters of a day to:

SMT_Leaf26Connect with other entrepreneurs like you who want their business to align with their personal values and creative genius.

SMT_Leaf26Get coaching and support on your current business challenges and opportunities specifically to:

  • Break the cycle or reactivity and panic and become a leader of your business and life.
  • Clearly identify and deeply understand your ideal client. Clearly articulate this to others in a way they can resonate and understand it.
  • Build out a robust marketing structure so you know what to do and when to do it to reach your ideal customer leading to a pipeline of qualified leads and prospects.
  • Successfully make offers with confidence.
  • Create the containers needed to have healthy flourishing relationships with customers/clients.
  • Maintain focus on what is most important for your business now.
  • Develop practices to keep your mind positive and able to take advantage of opportunities more quickly.
  • Develop confidence as a leader of your business, as you make decisions more quickly and boost your energy and serve your clients and customers at a higher level.

EricaRothman135Teri has the ability to be quiet and patient, while at the same time helping me move steadily forward and inviting new ways of seeing. 

When I was first starting to work with Teri, I was going through a challenging life transition and needed to grow my business quickly.

She helped me understand my roles as a business owner, taught me how to delegate more effectively, introduced new ways to market my services, and taught me how to center myself to have the best attitude towards my business.

She was so enthusiastic and supportive I had no choice but to be positive. Now I am seeing the fruits of our labors and my business is steadily growing.

Erica Rothman, CEO; Night Light Productions; Durham, NC

What's Included:

  • (6) monthly three-quarter-day live trainings in Durham, NC.

At the end of each meeting you will have 1) learned new cutting edge business practices, 2) re-oriented yourself to what is most important, and 3) leave with a plan of action for the month to meet your goals.

Meeting time: 9am to 3pm

Meeting dates:

  • September 10, 2015
  • October 8, 2015
  • November 5, 2015
  • December 3, 2015
  • January 7, 2016
  • February 4, 2016
  • Pair with an accountability buddy for support for weekly check-ins to be sure you stay on your plan.
  • Get on-going support between meetings on a private Facebook page.
  • Be part of a community that supports and celebrates your successes and helps you develop the momentum to move forward.

MichaelNix135Working with Teri and Skillful Means provided the structure for me to create a clear vision for my emerging work. I am very pleased with the end result. If I look at where I started – with just an idea – this process gave me the courage and structure to create a business aligned with my passion and innate natural abilities.

Teri’s Skillful Means approach and ongoing support is a large part of both my business and personal life, which would both be lesser, if not for her part. For this, I am thankful.

Michael W. Nix; Metal Sculpture Artist, Upcycle Art and Sculpture; Raleigh, NC

Your Investment:

Regular Program Investment: $1,500


For those attending the workshop who decide by  Sunday August 2nd:

(6) monthly credit card payments of $200. Total investment: $1,200  A savings of $300!


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For those attending the workshop who decide by Sunday August 2nd and pay upfront: 

Total investment: $1,000  A savings of $500!


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welcome to success enjoy the journeyIf you have that gnawing feeling that you are ready to grow your business and overcome the obstacles holding you back, I encourage you to take action.

This is a special opportunity rarely found in the Triangle -- to connect live with others who want to support you in your journey.

Take the plunge. Connect with your tribe of creative smart [mostly] women who want to support you in taking your business to the next level.

Private clients pay many thousands of dollars for us to work together. You can get support now for a fraction of that cost.

Take action now. You'll be happy you did.

Here's What More People are Saying about Working with Teri: 

Dean KunleinTeri and Skillful Means have helped me move from a stagnant place operating a seemingly reactive video production company to a more proactive and creative business and life focus. I am thankful that through my partnership with Teri/Skillful Means, I was able to secure a large contract with a long sought new client. Whether it's a sense of being “stuck, or being overwhelmed, Teri will help you realize your talents to build positive momentum.

Dean Kuhnlein; Owner, Pass Left Productions; Detroit Michigan

Christine SpringerWhen I started working with Teri, I'd been in business for several months but only had one (discount) life coaching client. I had a blog with very limited content. I had no structured marketing plan and no idea of how I was going to attract clients without getting all sales-y.

In three months of work, Teri helped me develop packages and pricing in line with my industry, edited content for my website and helped me develop a marketing strategy that felt authentic and doable. Her guidance and feedback helped me attract my first client at my new pricing structure!

More than just the tangible results I have seen, I have been so happy with who I have become as a result of Teri's coaching. She is intuitive, tough and encouraging....a dynamite combination for any coach! As a coach myself, I have known many coaches and I think Teri ranks as one of the very best. Her unwavering support helped me work through the mental and emotional blocks that were keeping me from growing my business to it's full potential. I feel unstoppable now! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Teri. She is amazing!

Christine Springer; Life Coach,; Austin, TX

ChelseaRappel135Working with Teri and Skillful Means was a way to clear out what I was fearful of and help me move forward with a start-up business. She helped me focus on what was most important, while keeping a broader perspective of our vision. Skillful Means starts with the results up front to really see what you are creating before you start moving. Teri helped us to stop wasting time and energy. Within six months of working with her, we became financially sustainable.

Chelsea Rappel; Marketing Director, Ratna Ling Retreat Center; Cazadero, CA

TaraRitasu135Skillful Means helps with focus. It helped us cultivate positive thoughts and plans. One thing I ran up against is how hard it is to stay present and create a plan to follow to get you going without being too controlling. We found a way to create a momentum in our work to carry us instead of forcing things. Skillful Means helped us learn how to sustain ourselves individually in our work, with our guests and customers, in our physical environment, and in business. We saw how what we do each day affects all of this, learned how to integrate the needs of all these things and became a truly sustainable business. Skillful Means is a great way to be honest about what you are doing and see what is actually happening. Thank you Teri and Skillful Means!

Tara Ritasu; Former Operations Director, Ratna Ling Retreat Center; Cazadero, CA