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Are you beginning to feel a sense of more flow, more focus, more accomplishment? I would like to know.

If you feel these practices have value, imagine what it would be like to have daily, weekly and monthly support that is tailored to your particular business needs?  

Last December I watched the US Figure Skating Championships on TV and particularly watched Gracie Gold, a young woman who had struggled for years to get into the metal rankings in US figure skating.

This year though, she won a silver metal and then was selected to be part of the US Olympic team in Sochi.

It was if she was catapulted on to the national and international stage almost out of nowhwere.

The back story was – in September, 4 short months before the national competition, she got a new coach.

Finally she had a coach that was the right fit for her – she got the training and support she needed and in 4 months she just soared. 

I see this in my clients as well.  When they get the support they really need, their businesses take off.  They get the structure and guidance they need to open their minds, engage in patterns that bring success and let go of the fear and anxiety that has held them back.  As a coach, there is nothing more satisfying to watch.

So, I want to let you know I am opening up 3 coaching spots in my practice this Summer. 

I am opening this opportunity first to you, the 26 people who engaged in the Toolkit.  If this is something you would like to explore hit the return key and let me know.

We will set up a time to talk and see if this is truly the right fit for you.

Thank you again for engaging the Productivity Tool Kit. I can’t wait to hear your results from working with it and look forward to deepening our relationship and your impact in the world.

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