sunrise compressedWelcome To the Path of the Stress Free Leader

This is a place to discover your own capacity for true well-being and less stress in your personal and professional life, in your creative endeavors, in all that you do.


We will be using the book *Skillful Means* by Tarthang Tulku throughout the training. If you do not have it,  contact Teri at to purchase a paperback copy.


Watch the video below and let’s get started!



 Group Coaching Calls:

There are recordings of two group coaching calls in which past students asked questions about the overall class as well as specific situations they were transforming and making better.   They were very powerful calls and you are welcome to listen in.

Recording of Call 1: Click Here to Listen and Download.

Recording of Call 2: Click here to Listen and Download.


One on One Coaching Calls: 

I am offering one on one coaching support as well as a way to deeper your results.  Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below and we will arrange for two 45 minute coaching calls.  These calls will give you laser focused support to help you tailor these practices to your own individual circumstance and business.  The calls are offered at a very special rate only available to Path of the Stress Free Leader participants.

One on One Coaching