See New Opportunity in Good Endings

There are often unseen opportunities in creating good endings.
Can we support each other in closing ‘open loops’?


  1. Thanks for sharing, Teri.

    I think shifting my perspective about endings might motivate me to close more of my open loops. Seeing endings as opportunities for new things to begin, rather than end of something, completely changes my mind set about them.

    • Thanks for your comment Glad. So glad you found the post helpful.

    • Great video Teri. Just reminded me of an open-ended e-mail that I needed to get done. Organizing private appointments are often complicated for me. I hate to say no to someone when appointments coincide; that often stalls me.

      • Hi Olga, Thanks for sharing. It may help to try and see how fast you can respond to people who are asking for already booked appointments and see how things begin to flow. You may also find the on line tool ‘time trade’ very helpful. Clients can only select from open appointments… This helps with the immediate problem, but the bigger challenge is to develop a mindset where we address problems in business as quickly as possible. Good luck – would love to hear how it goes for you. Teri

  2. Hey Teri,
    Thanks for your thoughts on endings as beginnings and opening for new opportunities; it’s a very helpful re-frame for me.

  3. Teri,
    I love this! The open loop for me is ending a year long relationship with an assistant who I really like, but who is not completing projects. When I realized that I was ready to close the loop, my business began to grow, a new and highly supportive team emerged and life has just gotten better. So I have a deep respect for your message and know the pure truth of it! Thank you for sharing it! (and you look fabulous! smile)

    • Hi Chris- Thanks so much for your comment and sharing your experience – very powerful lesson! Really helps to hear that. So glad to hear your team has become more supportive. A good team makes all the difference. Very best wishes!

  4. melanie mitchell says:

    My open loop this morning is my constant worry that my home is not ready for “company” and I have company coming today! So rather than continue to berate myself for my failings as a housekeeper, I’m going to do the few things I must, then close this loop on self-criticism and let go of the rest—so I can enjoy my friend’s visit! Thanks for this Teri!

    • Hi Melanie – I love closing the loop on self-criticism – what an awesome loop to close and move on from!! Enjoy your friends visit – what a great new beginning. Thanks for posting. Teri

  5. claudia green says:

    Thank you for this challenge Teri! I have been working on closing the sadness around the loss of someone very important to me. This has been going on for four years. I have just moved to a new town, started schooling in a new career and want to move on in my life. I feel ready to open up to new frienships and perhaps even entertain a new relationship. I hope to be able to get this done in the next few days and move on. Thanks again!

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