Transforming Stress Into Well-Being

If you see work as a journey toward fulfillment,

each challenge transforms who you are.

Work becomes more like art: you work for the joy of working.

This is the attitude that Skillful Means fosters.”

Tarthang Tulku, Introduction to Masterwork

Join us February 3, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 for a live on-line worldwide  training that will change your relationship to work.

Why do you work?

It may be for the income you earn, the status of professional identity, the approval of others, social interaction, simply keeping busy or even a sense of power or mastery.

What all these have in common is that they are extrinsic to the process of working itself.

We work to accomplish particular goals, but seldom do we find value in the actual activity of working.

This way of working is impoverishing on a deep level. 

No doubt your work has led you to some degree of material security and comforts, but has it helped you develop as as a human being?

Has it deepened your sense of meaning and purpose?

Has it allowed you to get any closer to fulfilling your goals in life?

These are not easy questions to face.

beautiful purple flower compSkillful Means offers an ancient approach to help individuals change and transform their relationship to work.

Established hundreds of years ago in Tibet and practiced successfully by thousands of men and women, Skillful Means provides a way out of persistent and pervasive patterns that create such huge dissatisfaction with work.

Introduced in the West by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Skillful Means is a holistic method to alleviate unnecessary suffering.

This Winter, Dharma Publishing, the organization who trained me, is offering  a unique opportunity to train the mind to deeply support a new way of “being and doing” at work.

For six days in February we will gather worldwide (with a group here in the Triangle) to embark on a unique Skillful Means Training:  Mindfulness at Work: Transforming Stress Into Well-Being.

At its heart is the insight that we already have the knowledge to overcome suffering.  Skillful Means teaches us how to be content, joyful and successful in our work with ‘being’ as the foundation.

As we become absorbed in the Skillful Means experience of working well, we are naturally uplifted.  Instead of “I” “working well” becomes the director of our efforts.  From this place, new knowledge emerges.

Would you like to experience this in your own life and work?

Anyone around the world can join in this live training with an Internet connection.  If you live in the southeast U.S., join us in Durham, NC to engage this training together in one place.

This training provides the opportunity for you to become a certified Skillful Means Trainer and share this material with your clients, customers or internal teams.  There is also a path for those who want to study the material solely for their own use.

The investment is $1,295 for those looking to become certified and $350 for three tailored coaching sessions.

The investment for those wanting to study and practice for their own use is $595.

Training Schedule (EST)

February 3, 2017                                11:30 AM to 1 pm
February 17th thru 21st, 2017          11:30 am to 3:3o pm

Questions:  Please contact me at or Dharma Publishing at

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