Attention Nonprofit Executive Directors and CEOs 

Your organization is critical to your community.  

Are you prepared to take full advantage of your current opportunities?

Are you equipped to effectively dissolve inevitable challenges?

From the desk of Teri Beckman, Skillful Means Training & Consulting, Durham, NC

Dear Visionary Leader, 

If you would like support in unleashing the potential of your organization, this is the place for you.

Make the time and space to focus on your organization - not just working 'in' it.  

As a leader, there is no one else who will do this work for you.

Leave those emails, meetings and staff demands aside for one day.

Imagine gaining a new perspective, recognizing and reclaiming your most important opportunities. 

Imagine discovering the next steps that will leap frog you forward, past obstacles, taking full advantage of opportunities. 

Imagine more productive, collaborative and engaged relationships with your team and your board enabling you to achieve your goals.

Imagine having the time, space and tools to discover these answers within yourself.

Now stop imagining.

On Friday, November 11th, 2016 from 9 am to 4 pm

 Join a group of heart-centered, passionate leaders
who are committed to making a difference in the world.

Explore and discover what true
sustainability means for yourself and your organization.

Are you often pulled in too many directions, putting out endless fires?

Something better is possible.

Take one day.  Enter a space that will connect you
to your inner wisdom.  

Once you connect to this inner wisdom,
compassionately and honestly evaluate 2016 and create a foundation for an incredible 2017. 

If you are:

  • An experienced leader who gets results, but at a higher cost (personally and professionally) than you would like;


  • Serious about developing the leadership skills and insights you need to truly create and sustain positive change;


  • Ready to take your organization to its next level of growth...


This One Day Retreat is the place for you.

The time is NOW.


The Know Your Mind; Transform Your Organization retreat is an opportunity to set the foundation for the organizational results critical to realizing your vision and increasing your impact. 

This full-day deep dive is a chance to:

  • Re-connect to your larger vision and purpose.
  • Discover what is most critical to focus on now.
  • Release what is distracting, draining or holding you back.
  • Align your most deeply held values and vision with how you run your organization.
  • Recognize and appreciate your accomplishments in 2016.
  • Develop goals and next steps for 2017 to help you bring your vision into the world.
  • Connect with other like-minded change agents.

BrentNewman175When burnout, strong personalities, and competing visions threatened to derail the important goals of our small public housing authority, we called Teri Beckman for help. Her careful listening and skillful coaching gave us tools to better understand each other, re-align to our mission, and become a stronger, more cohesive organization. Today, with Teri's guidance and our dedication to Skillful Means, we are thriving in a constantly shifting, ever challenging, financial and regulatory environment. We are grateful to Teri and recommend her work highly without qualification.

Dr. T. Brent Newman, CEO, Grundy County Housing Authority, Morris, Illinois

Paula-McCoy175I engaged Skillful Means when I was in transition between jobs. Working with Teri as a Skillful Means coach, we focused on what I was most passionate about and connected it to my career path. Soon I was presented with the opportunity to serve as the CEO of the NC Minority Support Center, fully aligning with my passion and values.

I then engaged with Skillful Means to help us create a bold, unified vision for our organization, member credit unions, and their individual members. Within 2 years, revenue increased significantly in a very difficult economic period while expenses were reduced and our business partnerships across North Carolina rapidly expanded. Most importantly, my mind became more flexible, open and able to engage others more effectively.

I would recommend Skillful Means training to anyone desiring to build a better business.

Paula McCoy, CEO, McCoy Enterprises, North Carolina

Working with Teri as a business coach has helped me see and be able to articulate and share my vision for our organization more clearly. These skills helped me develop a shared organizational vision with both my staff and board of directors. In the p ast, we focused more on the problems we saw. Clarifying and articulating a clear vision has ensured our focus is in a positive direction, making it easier to attract both volunteers and donors.

Through the coaching process, I am learning what it means to integrate self-care into my workday. I take challenges less personally, developing an ability to deal with problems in a more direct and compassionate way. This causes less stress and I have more energy for my work.

Karen Rindge, Executive Director, Wake Up Wake County, Raleigh, NC

What can you expect as you take part
in this transformative experience?


  • You will receive support before the retreat with a 30-minute phone call and a customized needs and wishes assessment, enabling you to see more clearly what is currently happening in your business. This will help you prepare for the retreat and help me structure the day to meet your specific needs.


  • Time, space and tools to gain perspective, tap into your inner wisdom and recognize the most important components to your success.
  • Powerful practical exercises you can apply immediately to transform your daily experience.
  • Support and connection with other leaders leading life-changing enterprises.
  • A stunningly beautiful setting at the Mayton Inn in Cary, NC for you to enjoy.


  • Feel reconnected and committed to your short- and long-term visions.
  • Leave the retreat with a specific plan of next best steps to bring your vision into the world.


  • How many inspiring trainings have you attended only to go back to your office and never get around to following through? Not this time. Your package includes two 45-minute one-on-one individualized coaching calls with me to support you in taking your next best steps.

Ashley175Prior to working with Teri, I was feeling stressed, and not seeing the joy in all the amazing things our organization accomplished. As the Executive Director, there is a lot of pressure and responsibility trying to know what was most important to focus on next.

We engaged Teri for an annual Board Retreat and within a few hours we were created a clear, shared vision for the organization and the outlines of strategies to employ for the year, leading to a Strategic Action Plan Teri helped us craft. We appreciated her holistic approach, and the Plan guides our work.

Perhaps more importantly, Teri challenged and supported me in becoming a stronger leader. Practicing Skillful Means with her guidance, I found myself becoming increasingly calm and confident. I began to, on a very practical level, manage effectively – calming my mind, concentrating on one thing at a time, and being okay with not doing everything. I could more easily identify my strengths, see existing obstacles, and how to overcome them with more ease, grace and effectiveness.

As a result, in the last six months our organization has completed a major community-wide fundraising event, passed a Bill in the NC House and Senate creating an opportunity for our organization to expand state-wide, secured 50% of the funding for a multi-year project, and raised even more funds for our operation and expanding programs.   

I can finally SLEEP at night, accepting that I can do the job well and take time for recovery and rejuvenation. I have found much more joy in my work, staff are engaged, and there is a positive synergy. I have more responsibility but do not feel the pressure! I can control some things; others I have to trust for a good outcome. I know when to ask for help.

Ashley Thomas, Founder & Executive Director, Bridge II Sports, Durham, NC

Total Value Paid Regularly by Teri's Clients: $2,000

Investment Price Available to You Now:



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This Retreat Is For:

  • Those who see the value in stopping the momentum of the daily grind.
  • Those ready to re-calibrate the mind and body toward a more intentional path of success.
  • Those seeking a gentle non-judgmental approach, but also those willing to look with deep honesty at their situation.
  • The retreat is not for those seeking quick-fix solutions to problems.
  • It is not for those looking for the latest business fad.

The Know Your Mind; Transform Your Organization
retreat is for leaders ready to release more of their
potential by developing their minds to make the very
best use of their time NOW.

This retreat could change the trajectory of your organization
and work life in a way that will open the door to
successes you never imagined.


If you sign-up before October 31st, you will receive the following:


  • Three Skillful Means books that will be invaluable as you as you implement your plan.
  • A complimentary download of “Becoming the Inner Manager of Your Life” to begin to prepare immediately for the Retreat Day.

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Take a step outside your normal routine to engage in a
potentially life-changing day.

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Friday, November 11th, 2016

9 am to 4 pm

We will meet at the beautiful Mayton Inn in Cary, NC. 

Even if you live locally, I encourage you to spend the night at the Mayton Inn Thursday evening to maximize the benefit of the retreat and wake up ready to explore your own potential.  There is massage therapy available on site at their spa.   They also have a fantastic farm to table restaurant that happily accommodates all diets.  They have offered us a special corporate rate of $175 per night for a king sized room.   Click here and let me know if you are interested in spending the night so we can arrange the special rate. 

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I can’t wait to help you Know Your Mind and Transform Your Business.

With very best wishes,


Teri Beckman

Skillful Means Training and Consulting

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