Are you ready to kick off your best year ever in 2018?


Join us for:

Getting Out of Your Own Way:

An In-depth Intensive for Nonprofit Leaders Ready to Expand Growth and Impact

January 16, 2018 in Durham, NC



Are you ready to get out of your own way and begin spending
time on activities of the highest value to your organization?

Are you ready to let go of hiring the wrong people for the wrong positions and suffering through months of poor performance?


Are you ready to maximize your board’s engagement and fundraising potential?

Are you ready to create a truly sustainable organization with systems in place to consistently grow revenue year after year?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider joining us for a powerful one-day intensive specifically designed for nonprofit executive directors with revenues of $1 – $5 million, ready to take their organization to the next level.



Over the course of this intensive you will:


  • Work with a proven model to assess where you and your organization are in relation to sustainability. This model considers:
    • Your own well-being as a leader, how to maintain it and effectively work with your natural strengths.
    • Optimizing your system for hiring the most qualified employees a minimizing turnover.
    • Proven structures and habits that quickly build organizational efficiency and improved communication within and across teams.
    • Creating the conditions to develop a stronger board that can effectively fund-raise for the organization.
  • Explore practices to improve your focus and create more than enough time for all that is required of you as a leader.



While you may have the passion and work very hard to grow and sustain your organization, do you have the right structures in place to build a truly sustainable organization that can consistently increase revenue and impact?


Join us on January 16  as we explore this question with an intimate group of four Executive Directors/CEOs ready to invest their time and energy to start the year ahead in the best way possible.


This intensive will help unlock your potential as a leader to make the greatest impact on your organization in 2018.



Results you can expect from Getting Out of Your Own Way:


  • A sustainability framework you can reply upon again and again, enabling you to diagnose which areas of the organization need more attention and those that need less attention as you take the organization to the next level.
  • Practical tools to keep you grounded, balanced, and aware of how you are spending your time and how to avoid the burnout zone.
  • A map of your 2018 goals and desires and a plan to engineer ‘up front’ the achievement of these goals.
  • A first-quarter strategic action plan for you as leader that will create momentum and a hugely positive focus for your organization in 2018.
  • Implementation support by way of three 30-minute targeted coaching sessions, three months post intensive.



My intention is that you get at least a 15x Return on Investment (ROI) from your work in this Intensive.


Your investment for this intensive is:




Start the year with:


Focus on your 2018 goals and how to achieve them.

Clarity on how to most quickly leverage growth and
sustainability in your organization.


A specific plan for the first quarter mapped out and
your next steps planned in time.

On-going support to implement new insights and your
desires for a successful 2018.



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I look forward to helping you create a fantastic 2018!



“It was absolutely great working with Teri.  She got me to focus on ambitious goals for the organization and a vision for what North Carolina can become.  She helped me connect the vision to the specific nuts and bolts of how to achieve it – fundraising, management and staff structure, board development – so that the vision isn’t just a concept.  She challenged me to think about things in a way that took me out of my comfort zone, which helped me grow.

 By the end of 2016, many donors were responding to the call to substantially increase their support.  We are poised to have a banner year in revenue generation, land conservation and community engagement with environmental stewardship.”

Reid Wilson, Former Executive Director
Conservation Trust for North Carolina