Kum Nye Yoga Round 2 – Class 6

peacock feathers

Welcome to Class 6.

Have you heard that peacocks can eat poison and completely transform it into the beautiful colors you see in their tails?  I think of Kum Nye this way too – helping us to transform all the negativity and difficulty of life into something beautiful.

We began our last class with:

1) Shaking off the day,

Lightening Thoughts (Ex. 17)

Chanting Om Ah Hum 3 x lead by Javier.

2) Balancing Body and Senses – Exercise 55 – led by Nancy – great focus and release of tensions in the lower body

3) Being and Body – Exercise   – let by Karen and Teri

Discussion of what worked well in the class and our experience practicing Kum Nye in Daily Life.

We also had a good discussion about our next steps with Kum Nye.  Recording is below.