Kum Nye Yoga Round 2 – Class 5


Welcome to Class 5 of Kum Nye in Daily Life

We continued to work with lesson 1.  Different  participants led each practice, as we continued to develop a sense of what bringing Kum Nye into Daily Life feels like.

Exercises included:

1. Shaking off the day, Om Ah Hum 3 x chanting out loud  together and Lightening Thoughts Exercise 17 led by Javier.

2. Balancing the Senses Exercise 37 led by Teri

3. Being and Body Exercise 24 led by Karen.  We added the second part of Being and Body to the practice this week that worked with walking faster and slower with the mind moving both faster and slower.  This was a particularly helpful exercise to get a sense of bringing Kum Nye into daily life.

4. Flying Exercise 22 as presented in the lesson (with awareness in 3 different places) presented by Javier.

Together we decided to focus on Balancing the Senses and Being and  Body this week for homework.

Next week we will leave at least 15 minutes at the end to 1) share our actual experience and practice to integrate Kum Nye into daily life and 2) make plans for the next sequence of classes.  We will lead exercises in a similar fashion although Nancy will bring one to share.

Below is the recording for the class:

Audio recording