Kum Nye in Daily Life: Lesson 1 – Class 4

Trhodie condensed for webhe theme of this class was integration – of movement, breath and senses (or how we take in the environment).

Together we decided to focus this week on the practice Being and Body Exercise 24 to help us integrate Kum Nye in daily life.

This is such an interesting exercise:

  • Beginning with awareness of movement, once stable,
  • Awareness of Breath, once stable,
  • Awareness of senses, of space you are in

Please share your experiences on the forum.  This is great support for bringing Kum Nye into daily life.

Next week we agreed to bring an exercise we feel is helpful to embodying Kum Nye in Daily Life lesson 1.  Javier offered to lead us in Flying.

Below is the audio recording and lesson plan (It is a pdf this week due to computer problems – please download a lesson plan from class 2 if  you would like 1 you can edit.)

Being and Body Exercise 24 begins just before half way through the audio if it would help to hear it again.

Audio2 worksheet
Audio Recording Lesson Plan