Class 2 Exploring Stillness



Thank you Javier and Nancy for leading such a beautiful class.  Below is the lesson plan and the audio recording.  I did not turn the recorder off for a while, so you can skip the end of the recording after we dedicate our efforts for the evening.

Next week Meg will lead us from New York and Teri is happy to assist her anyway needed.

worksheet Audio2
 Lesson Plan for Class 2 Audio for Class 2 


Suggested Home work for the week:

 1) Write by hand two paragraphs on p. 24 starting with “In learning to relax, …”


2) Find a moment of complete stillness two or three times a day. It is important not to move.  Sit completely still and do not move for 2 minutes. Be acutely aware of the moment of releasing stillness and returning to your normal way of being. What do you notice?

Please participate in the forum and share your experiences of working with Kum Nye in Daily Life this week.