Kum Nye Yoga Round 2 – Class 1


Kum Nye in Daily Life

Dear Kum Nyer’s – Thank you all for getting us off to a good start last night with our work in Lesson 1.

You will find the text to Lesson 1, the lesson plan and homework and  a recording of most of the class below.  We finished doing Swimming Exercise 39, which is not on the audio.   I hope by next week we will have a more stable technology solution for Meg and Claudia to participate.

Thanks and Javier and Nancy for sharing the responsibility to lead the class next week.

pdf lesson plan class 1 Audio2
Lesson 1 Lesson Plan  Audio recording


Homework for this week:

1)Write by hand on p. 14 of the Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga book, starting mid page with “When we tap and cultivate the source of relaxation and healing energy… to the bottom of the page.

How does Kum Nye enter you doing this exercise?  Do you feel yourself entering the stream of KN knowledge (perhaps feels different from just reading it)?

2) Find a moment of complete stillness few times a day. It is important not to move.  Sit completely still and do not move for 2 minutes. (May be helpful to use a timer.)  What is your experience?

Please share on the forum your experience with these exercises this week, so we can begin to support each other in cultivating Kum Nye in Daily life and changing the mechanism of the fabric of life!