Week 4 – March 3rd through 9th (updated 3/8)


Kum Nye practices are like symbols that point to the nature of all existence . . . (page 16)


Opening Readings: Opening Readings:
Week 4: Inner and Outer Massage of Feeling, p. 3 – 4
Week 3: Embodiment, p. 309
Week 2 “Just as you can . . .”
Week 2: “Taste your experience . . .”
Week 1:  “In Kum Nye, there are various ways (p. 9 -10)

worksheet Class 3 Whole class audio
 PDF Summary (3/6/13)  Whole Class Recording (3/6/13)
PDF Summary (2/27) Whole Class Recording (2/27)


  “What would I like my Kum Nye practice to be in my life?
  “What would I like my Kum Nye practice to be in my life?
  What is its potential?
  What is my relationship to it?
  How can I better support a stronger relationship to my Kum Nye practice?…”


   Lets plan to interact over the weekend around two questions:
~ What keeps us sustaining a personal Kum Nye practice?

  ~ How do we integrate Kum Nye into our daily lives?

  About 4 Practices per Session with Space for Sitting in Between
   Webpage “Tutorial” Next Week
   Please share Kum Nye contributions to post on the website!


  Find a Time and Space for A 1 Day Intensive with vegetarian food!
  Begin Developing a “Stumbling Blocks and Remedies” document