How a Vision Can Transform Your Work Life

mount-kinabalu_1106_600x4501-300x225For anyone who aspires to accomplish a purpose, vision is the key to success.  As a business leader, vision is your lamp in a dark forest.

It helps to sustain a clear sense of direction, motivation, interest, effort and ultimately you and your company’s well-being.

Vision uplifts and protects from the confusion and dissatisfaction that so often characterize our lives and businesses, and leads us along a path of transformation.

  • What difference could you and your company make in the world?
  • Is there a gesture that could express this vision?

If you feel inspired by a vision of beauty and meaning, then ask yourself if you know how to bring it into being.  Can you see a way to combine this higher purpose with the development of your own potential?

Can you determine if your success is limited because you need more knowledge or because you do not know how to implement the knowledge you have?

Consider these questions carefully and you will be able to open a larger vision and see the way toward enduring and meaningful accomplishment.

When we are devoted to a purpose we care deeply about, we are more inclined to take complete responsibility for our actions to ensure good results.  This is the secret to self-knowledge, self-motivation and self-confidence.   Engaged in meaningful work, we learn to develop awareness and other inner resources such as patience, determination, concentration and open-mindedness.  These positive qualities bring greater control over our lives and allow us to persevere in the face of difficulties.

With a clear purpose in mind, we can find ways to develop whatever knowledge, skills and personal abilities we need to succeed and thus increase our ability to accomplish our purpose.

To see how a situation arises, to see what is likely to develop in the future; to see connections and possibilities: these and other more subtle aspects of knowledge have a direct impact on the way we live and the satisfaction we enjoy – our actions at work and in business.

As you ask:

  • What is possible for you in the future?
  • What can you accomplish in your business or organization?
  • What is the meaning and possibility for your life and how can you engage with it?

Openly asking such questions, you are acknowledging your fundamental capacity to know, unrestrained by the content and assumptions of what is already known.

An open ongoing whole-hearted commitment to inquiry can help you create a vision for your business and life that can bring a deep sense of meaning and profound satisfaction.  It creates true value in the world and immeasurable benefit to yourself and others.

Jim Collins in his classic business best-selling book Built to Last talked about a compelling purpose for a company literally makes the company sustainable – a vision needs to be big enough to attract support, collaboration, new ways of thinking and doing, creative accomplishment.

It is not necessary to know how you will bring an important vision to fruition.  The vision and a commitment to open honest inquiry will begin to generate the knowledge necessary for this to happen.

Practical work guided by a deeper perspective of our own nature sets up a continuing cycle of learning, creativity and accomplishment – the vision starts to come into being!

We become much more effective at our work and business.  A solid understanding of our inner resources and how they work give us a solid basis for skillful action.

When a long range vision is imprinted on our minds, steady progress can be made in a single direction, and momentum can build; each goal accomplished becomes a signpost along the way, encouraging the next step.

As vision leads beyond self centered interests, the path to enduring accomplishment unfolds. Motivated by a higher purpose, we can tap our deepest resources of energy and intelligence.


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