How do you stay focused while everything is changing?


Teri and the TROSA Moving Truck

It started with a glimmer of a suggestion from my partner Jo… “Let’s sell our house.”

At first it was not a suggestion that made sense to me.  Why would we would make that kind of change?

For twenty years we’d been making the house our own.  We built an addition that I loved working in.

I loved the original heart-pine floors, the oversized moldings, the ten-foot ceilings.  It really was my dream home.

I remember a contractor asking me how long did we plan live in this house? I said forever.

As we began to sell, give away, shred (I killed two shredders) and throw away the unnecessary accumulations of twenty years, I realized how much effort improving, maintaining and cleaning the house required.  If we didn’t go through these things now, it would only get harder for us in future years.  And if we didn’t do it – who would?  Our poor heirs would likely make massive trips to the dump and not be nearly as careful sorting through things.

Other things in life were becoming more important.

After what seemed like forever negotiations with the buyers, the closing day finally came at the end of May.


Our belongings sorted and piled

The move has been a major adjustment.  Instead of rolling out of bed to work, I am renting office space, getting used to driving to meet clients.

Not everything has its place in our new 600 square foot apartment home.  Even when it does, still we won’t be done because we’re renovating another house we own to eventually live in.  When that project is complete, our 1000 square-foot home will feel palatial!

Why put ourselves through this?

Simply put the time has come to simplify.  To learn to live with less ‘stuff’.  To own less.  To be more free to travel.  To liquefy some of our assets instead of everything being tied up in real estate.

In theory these are great thoughts.  Acting on them is another story.  Though we didn’t ‘have to’ do this, it just seemed to be time.  Something deep inside was calling.

This process and transformation reminds me of my clients who are setting bigger visions for their businesses and organizations.  They don’t ‘have to’ do it.  None of them are in desperate straits, but something within is calling them into a new, better, more fulfilling reality.  The voice becomes so strong, it can’t be ignored.

The biggest challenge for me has been to take these actions to re-set our lives, and still stay focused—to concentrate with awareness moment to moment. Staying focused while moving through change is how a new reality comes into being.  I have always told this to my clients; but living it has given me a whole new appreciation for their journey.

Focus, concentrate on work.

Focus, concentrate on relationships.

Focus, concentrate on cleaning the house, on organizing the files.

Be aware of time.

Focus.  Stay present to myself, to Jo, to my clients.

Focus, as I continue to re-evaluate everything, to purge, to simplify, to recognize what is most important and let go of the rest.

At times I am tired.  (Sometime a lot of the time!)

But being present in the current moment and aware of how I am reacting helps a lot.

I want to be kinder. I want to be less frazzled.

I know I am headed for a better place, but until I get there it’s impossible to know exactly how that will feel and how I will function.

Change is not easy for us human beings, but change brings growth.

What is your story of change, of action, of transformation?  What do you do to help yourself through this challenging time?  Leave a note below so we can learn from one another how to successfully create and shape change.


  1. Sweet post. Thanks Teri.

    What do I do to help myself through challenging times?

    Enough sleep
    Eat well

  2. I appreciate your words. I completely understand that voice inside that simply won’t stop, instead continues to grow. Vision for our organization, and the need to purge are very real to me as well. One of the tools I have begun using and sharing with anyone who will listen, it simply to stop using the word “busy.” As a society we have made busyness a competition always implying that my busyness is more important and far worse than yours. Simply using the word busy, leads to more stress as well. So I refuse!

    Exercise is definitely my go to stress fighter. I have even started teaching Pilates, which is a great way to get my mind in the present and away from whatever is bothering me. As soon as I remember to pray, I begin letting go of whatever it may be that is holding my in prison of challenges. Playing with our pets is always good, singing, being in the woods, going to my favorite retreat center…lots of tools and eventually things improve!

    • Hi Georgia – Thanks so much for sharing. I agree with you about the word ‘busy’ – a ridiculous word really. I want to be more conscious of using it as you suggest.

      We are all busy, but how many of us are effective? How many of us are intentional about our results? Being ‘busy’ can be almost a bad habit, somehow making us feel valid, when we are really not focused on what is important. Busyness shields us from seeing this.

      Love your tool box of ways to help. Praying and playing are two of my favorites. Thank you again for sharing. Sending you very best wishes.

  3. I love this Teri! You challenge me my friend. Looking forward to catching up!

  4. Eugene Beckman says:

    When I start to worry about the future or stress about the past I focus on my breath. The act of breathing grounds me in the NOW. And now is all that really matters. Cause the past leads you to now and now leads you to the future. I focus on breathing in for 5 seconds and breathing out for 10 seconds. Life is so incredible to experience! And change brings that experience full center. I believe when you get comfortable in your routine of living the days slip by and b4 u know it the seasons have changed. But when u shake up your routine you wake up your senses and u are able to feel the full love of life.
    I am proud of you sis! Change can be stressful but it is also a great way to wake up

  5. Thalia Staedel says:

    Hi Teri. Thanks for sharing this. In German you say you speak out of my soul;-) I am currently preparing for a new job after a year’s break. And I am restructuring all I ever new about relationships (including that to myself).
    Thalia from Cologne

    • Thalia, so great to hear from you. Wow, change is in the air! Best wishes to you as your navigate into the next beautiful chapter of your life my friend.

  6. Tammy Lee says:

    So interesting and well put, Teri. I am about to embark on a big housing change myself, but somewhat the opposite of what you have done. I am getting remarried to a wonderful man who, like me, has two college boys. While all the kids get along, they don’t know each other well as they have not grown up together. We wanted a place where they wouldn’t feel over crowded or uncomfortable coming home to. My small two bedroom house nor his smallish 3 bedroom condo wouldn’t work. After much deliberation we fell in love with an 8 bedroom old house in a more urban area. And so, after what seems like a life time of sharing a bathroom with little boys and then teenagers, and an unheated attic as a closet, I will have a bathroom of my own and any number of closets from which to choose. Most importantly, we will have space for four boys who are soon to be men and as their lives change, we will have room for visiting spouses and hopefully one day, grandchildren. Having the space is not so much about having more stuff, but about giving the people we love a home. All this change is more than a dream come true and I feel like a princess, but sometimes I am overwhelmed by the wonder of it all and I just have to cry for a minute. Best of luck to you on your journey. I will think of you as I go forth on mine.

  7. Oh Tammy – so good to hear from you. Big congratulations on your new journey. I am smiling for you and wish you every happiness as this new chapter unfolds. Crying is a wonderful release, especially tears of happiness. Will be thinking of you too my friend.

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