Coaching for Entrepreneurs


Are you an entrepreneur ready to grow your business – to take your work to a new level?


 You do have a vision but need help knowing how to best focus your precious energy and time?

Do you need to get results… Now?

Has it been frustrating, stressful, perhaps confusing not getting the results you desire?

Are you ready to create a positive new direction in your work?

As entrepreneurs we are a special bunch.  We often work independently.  We take on awesome responsibility.  We are dream builders.

It is tough, however, to do this well without support.  There is no one else like you in your company.  No one else with your load or viewpoint.

Skillful Means Coaching and Training can help.  This is how:

  • Gain clarity on how to build value in your business now.  There is no quicker way to increased cash flow.
  • Improve your focus and concentration to be able to get results faster.
  • Build your confidence and ability to make decisions.
  • Improve your relationship to time.

Working with me in a Skillful Means Coaching relationship you get:

    • A partner completely devoted to helping you get your desired results.
    • Together we will create a highly tailored plan you can begin implementing immediately which will go to the root of the obstacles keeping you from achieving your result.

The structure we establish will help you keep on track and give you the support you need to reach your goals.

Our work includes:

  • Assessment of your goals, wishes, and needs for yourself and your business.
  • Bi-Weekly live meetings to track progress and provide accounability.
  • Bi-weekly on-line training and tools to give specific support in creating mindsets, structures and habits for success. 
  • Regular written guidance, summarizing our meetings and suggested practices to help you move toward your goals with more speed and ease.
  • Evaluation of the overall engagement, where we started and progress made as well as recommendations for next steps.

Results You can Expect at the end of our engagment:

  • See measurable significant progress toward your goals
    (including financial goals).
  • Embody your vision, your brilliance and your desired results.  You will gain a whole new positive way to approach your business and life.
  • Have a daily support structure in place to help you sustain and deepen the positive changes you have made.
  • Experience less day to day stress.
  • Experience more clarity about how to achieve your goals on an on-going basis.
  • Have a sense of a new path and new opportunities emerging in your life.

If you’d like to explore working with me, the first step is to schedule a confidential working session to explore your the potential of your business, current opportunities and the actions it will take to get there. Do it now.