Becoming A Leader of My Life part 2


This is a head shot of Christine Kane

Christine Kane


My journey continues as Christine challenges me to go deeper to find my own capacity to

lead my life and business

during this intense 4 day event.

Sunday night gems:

We learn how we react to both challenges and opportunities is often our biggest obstacle to a healthy thriving business or organization.  Christine broke it down for us.

We start with our default reactions to challenges and obstacles.

Default meaning the way we automatically react, without thinking, our habitual responses in the world.

My personal default reactions to opportunities and challenges include:

  • Freeze/ take no action.
  • Don’t make decisions.
  • Go into a fear/confusion story.
  • Eat unhealthy food or too much chocolate!
    A pound of Trader Joe's Chocolate

    a live chocolate reaction

  • Can’t sleep – then take naps when I should be working.
  • Get very excited about opportunities, stay in my head and don’t act from a centered place in my body.

Do you know your default reactions?

Christine says our  default reactions are based on STORIES we believe.  Some of my stories are…

  •  You don’t get to be happy in business because listening to the news, clearly no one else is happy.  Whether making or losing money, all business owners are basically miserable and greedy.
  •  You are just a girl.
  •  Girls don’t know what they are doing in business.
  • My business can’t get too big.  I couldn’t handle it.


STORIES lead to RULES….like

  • You have to work really really really hard.
  • Nice girls make everyone happy, we play nice or we get LEFT.

Turns out, when you BREAK YOUR RULES – YOU DISSOLVE YOUR DEFAULT SETTING.  I am breakin’ ‘em.


Monday’s Lessons and Highlights:

  • Learn to love your pioneer and your engineer as an entrepreneur and business leader.
    • The pioneer is the idea woman, the spontaneous one who sees opportunities in everything.  The engineer is the one who builds systems, teams, habits and operations manuals!  Love ’em both.


  • Selling is service.  Marketing educates your ideal clients and customers.  It is a disservice NOT to make offers to your ideal client.


  • Christine unveiled her newly re-vamped mastermind programs where visionary entrepreneurs spend a whole year learning from her.


Tuesday’s Insights:

Much of the rest of the time was getting very very specific about how these principles apply to our individual businesses, with a few fun technical things thrown in, like how to make great videos.

A photo of a woman receiving accupuncture

Shifting Energy

So did I get my desired acupuncture treatment? Absolutely!!

Did I see a vision for a fabulous Skillful Means business in the future where entrepreneurs learn to soar and organizations become the most happy, positive, productive places on earth that create unheard of positive change?  YES.

Am I in?  YES.

It is not easy to be all in, but I am slowly learning in body and mind, there is no other way.  Thank you Christine Kane.  To learn more about Christine and her amazing work go to:

Tell me what are some rules you are going to ‘break’ to get your business or organization moving in a positive direction?

What are your next steps to become the leader of your own life and business?


  1. Hey Teri,
    Thanks for the notes…it’s the next best thing to being there. Sounds like it was an awesome event.

    Here’s a rule I’m breaking right now: If what I’m doing is easy or effortless or fun, then it can’t be worth much. Only if I work really, really HARD does anything have value.

    Feel better already!

  2. Hi Teri,

    Great post!
    Such a useful framework to see the link between
    Rules=>Stories=>Default Reactions

    This past week I have been psyching myself up to break the rule “If I don’t play it safe it will end in disaster and I’ll ruin my life”. Time to step up, be ALL in, and take a calculated risk….

  3. Hi Trish – Wow, that sounds great. I find it helpful not to think too much, but just do it, once you see it is a rule holding you back. Do it scared. The intellect is always going to be scared of it and want to go back to the rule! Can’t wait to hear about your big step in playing a bigger game. Go Trish Go!

  4. Hi Teri. Thanks for sharing. It came just in time. My rule I accidentally broke today: never show your weakness. It was fun(to show)in front of colleagues;-)

  5. Hi Thalia – Thank you for stopping by. Maybe try showing your vulnerability (aka weakness) with awarness (not accidentally) and see if that feels different. Good for you in being willing to show more of yourself to your colleagues. Best wishes to you.

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