Interview with Teri

Teri Beckman, founder of Skillful Means Training and Consulting, works with CEOs, Executive Directors and business owners to grow their enterprises and become more effective leaders.

Why did you become a business consultant and coach?

After a successful career in real estate, housing and community development, I could see my biggest successes always occurred when my mind grew as fast as my opportunities.

When I received the coaching and training I needed to broaden my view and relax rigid patterns of thinking I became more comfortable in new challenging positions, and in taking advantage of big opportunities.  Real estate and community development has been a great training ground for this.

In 1992 I went from managing $500,000 single family developments in Raleigh, NC to renovating $15 million earthquake damaged multi-family projects in Oakland, CA.  I had to make a HUGE jump in my capacity very quickly.

It took me learning to recognize and engage with opportunities more quickly and directly and to relax in the natural tension required to build anything of significance.

I started getting good results.  I accomplished goals and completed projects others thought were impossible as they were mired in controversy and difficulty.  The Skillful Means training and coaching I received, based on psychological models from Tibetan Buddhism, allowed me to see a way through.

I became an acknowledged leader within the housing and community development field, winning industry wide awards.  I eventually started several business ventures.

In 2005 I had a chance to become a Skillful Means trainer and coach. I jumped on the opportunity and spent seven years working with the Center for Skillful Means and Dharma Publishing helping nonprofit organizations and their leaders grow to meet all kinds of challenges and opportunities.   In 2012 it was time for me to form my own coaching and training company.

What kind of business/non-profit experience do you have?

In addition to managing complicated real estate projects,  I raised millions of dollars in both grants and investor financing, and lent tens of millions of dollars to projects that transformed neighborhoods.  I performed market analysis and created investor-centered reports for over one hundred of multi-family affordable housing projects.  I worked for entrepreneurial nonprofits for over 20 years.  I invested personally in small real estate projects, renovating and managing them, turning $10,000 in savings into over $1 million in assets.

Can you be more specific about your clients?

I work with entrepreneurial leaders in both the non-profit and for-profit space.  Our work helps them sharpen their execution and get better business results.  My clients include CEOs, Executive Directors and business owners with revenues $100,000 to $10,000,000.   I will, at times, work with start-ups under special circumstances.

How is Skillful Means Training and Consulting different from other business management consultancies?

In my experience consultants are very good at analyzing what’s wrong in a company and then trying to fix it, giving advice, making suggestions. Skillful Means takes a different approach.

I coach individuals to relax old patterns frozen in time and to develop a deeper awareness of what is presently happening in their business.  This allows leaders to recognize and take advantage of hidden opportunities, often right in front of them.

Together we discover  where you need to focus to get the best results.  I offer powerful tools to help you stay focused, build momentum and achieve your desire results.  You are able to maintain clarity and balance as you embark on new ways to create more value for your organization.

What kind of client is not right for Skillful Means?

Skillful Means is an educational process that empowers people to discover their own potential and learn how to find lasting solutions. It doesn’t work well for people who want a magic pill, or want someone “to fix” their problems. It requires commitment and practice. I help you build and support this ‘practice’ in your every day work.

What kind of results can I expect?

Expect your business to grow.

Expect to develop a clearer vision of where you are going and an improved structure from which to operate to achieve that vision.

Increase your ability to focus on the most critical next steps needed to build and grow your business.

Develop a strong framework for effective communication at all levels of your business.

Learn powerful methods to overcome obstacles.

Achieve your goals. Love your work.