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Are you ready for your organization’s next BIG opportunity?

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As a CEO or organizational leader, you may be searching the marketplace for that  next big revenue source,  investor,  or grant --- your next opportunity to execute on your mission and create a sustainable bright future.   But, are you ready for it? There are countless stories of … [Read More...]

Five Steps to Optimizing Your Business Model

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I recently worked with eight CEOs/Executive Directors  (at a roundtable just for them) to explore optimizing their business model  as a critical element of creating sustainable high performance.   Click here for more pictures. These are the steps we explored: Step 1: Know your vision for your … [Read More...]

High Stress or High Performance?


Sustainable high performance means work flows; actions are productive and lead to important outcomes. There will be tension as you create the next iteration of your business, but there does not have to be stress. In my last blog post I suggested an easy assessment for you to diagnose where your … [Read More...]

Praise for Skillful Means