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Organizational Vision – How It Can Change Your World

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My last post began a discussion of lessons I am learning from working with some outstanding leaders.  Leaders who are focused on: • becoming better, stronger leaders, • transforming their organizations, and • having greater impact in the world. Sometimes becoming stronger means taking a step … [Read More...]

Lessons from Bosses Who Are Changing the World

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In intensely intimate coaching relationships, I work with business owners and executives determined to create positive change.  These leaders have shared their biggest challenges, opportunities, successes and failures with me.  They are my heroes and heroines. Reviewing our work over the … [Read More...]

How do you stay focused while everything is changing?


It started with a glimmer of a suggestion from my partner Jo… “Let’s sell our house.” At first it was not a suggestion that made sense to me.  Why would we would make that kind of change? For twenty years we’d been making the house our own.  We built an addition that I loved working in. I … [Read More...]

Praise for Skillful Means