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Learn from Mattel – Wake Up to Your Business in 2015


The Mattel Corporation, home of Barbie and Hot Wheels, is struggling with shrinking revenues and declining market share (similar to Coke, McDonalds, Hewlitt-Packard...). As an executive or owner trying to create and maintain a sustainable business, what can you learn from them? … [Read More...]

Creating an Intentional Re-charge Day


This year I am encouraging my coaching clients, emerging leaders in their businesses and organizations, to take a whole day over the holidays to re-charge and re-set their systems. This is critical in a world where we have trained ourselves to mostly react to outside stimulation. The mind and body … [Read More...]

Dissolving Fear on a Whitewater Raft

white water 2 comp

Do you want to grow your business or organization? Many of us want it, but when we get serious, start doing things differently, fear appears.   Acting out of fear never gets good business results (see the story of Martha from an earlier blog).  Still, fear comes up. I am learning to face my … [Read More...]

Praise for Skillful Means