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Mud, leadership and Kauai


This summer I took a a twelve-day trip in Kauai, Hawaii, organized by the Sierra Club. I travelled and lived with eleven other people from around the US I didn’t know. By the end, we twelve were a team who could do anything together. The first days we hiked up incredibly steep mountains in … [Read More...]

4 Ways to Motivate Yourself and Your Team

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I read with interest the New York Times article “Why You Hate Work”.  It is a bit of a manifesto on disengagement and lack of motivation at work. Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath define engagement (per a number of studies) as “involvement, commitment, passion, enthusiasm, focused effort and … [Read More...]

Protect Your Success

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Last week I had lunch with one of the most successful non-profit Executive Director's in North Carolina.   He manages a large organization with dozens of employees and hundreds clients and a many million dollar budget.    He is smart.   He never gives up.   He and his organization … [Read More...]

Praise for Skillful Means