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Why Your Team’s Mistakes are Essential to Grow Your Business

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Want to grow leaders who take real responsibility in your business?  Pizzeria Toro owner Gray Brooks shows us how in part 2 of our interview (go here for part 1).   Conqueror this and you begin to stop wasting the likely most under-valued resource in your business - your team. … [Read More...]

Pizzeria Toro Creates a Winning Team & Raving Customers

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Pizzeria Toro has spent their first year in business learning how to 1) create an amazingly stable and happy team in an industry notorious for its high turnover, 2) cultivate tons of repeat customers, and most recently 3) operate the business when their storefront is out of commission due … [Read More...]

How Great Businesses Get Stuck

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Martha is a talented architect with her own practice and a small team of employees. Many say she is the most creative, innovative person they have ever met. Still she had a sense her business was stuck, overtaken by a kind of semi-controlled chaos. Sometimes Martha would take a big risk to … [Read More...]

What is Your Vision for 2014?


The greatest accomplishments in life are often born out of a vision that reflects of a seed, a person’s core reason for being.  Such a seed resides in you.  Do you know your seed? A vision, that is, a picture of the future reflecting what you are meant to bring into the world, develops from … [Read More...]

Is Leadership Born or Built?

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This is the title of a recent article in the Washington Post by James Clawson. He shared these opinions around this question of leadership:     Nigel Nicholson author of Executive’s Instinct suspects there may be ‘a leadership gene,’ that some people are simply born to ‘be in … [Read More...]

How My Father’s Death is Helping me Make Friends With Time

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Co-leading a retreat with Arnaud Maitland on ‘Timing Mind’ for Training the Mind for Leadership program participants recently, I deepened my understanding of my own relationship to time. At the beautiful Ratna Ling Retreat Center, we studied the natural cycles of time, seeing that everything has … [Read More...]

Ever Want to Spend the Day in Bed?

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Today I woke up wanting to spend the whole day in bed. I felt a combination of being tired and lazy and that 'enough is enough!'---whatever that means! After a nice run (you can do this when you own your own business) I got my lazy butt to my desk about 11 am. I REALLY did not feel like … [Read More...]

Eliminate Boring Meetings (pt 2): Skyrocket Performance

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In the last blog post I suggested it was possible to kill the deadly boring meeting and a great practice to begin the process. This week let’s look at ways to lead successful meetings that are productive and meaningful for everyone involved and how to translate it into improved overall team … [Read More...]

Banish the Deadly Boring Meeting

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Oh, the dreaded meeting. Many of us spend a lot of time there. When I ask people why they don’t like meetings I hear: •    They’re boring. •    They waste lots of time and are too long. •    They take away from what I should be doing! •    There is too much tension, too much … [Read More...]

Improve Your Communication – Get Better Business Results Now

httpvh:// Please share below your experience improving communication.  I would love to hear what is working for you and where there are still challenges. … [Read More...]

Praise for Skillful Means