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How do you stay focused while everything is changing?


It started with a glimmer of a suggestion from my partner Jo… “Let’s sell our house.” At first it was not a suggestion that made sense to me.  Why would we would make that kind of change? For twenty years we’d been making the house our own.  We built an addition that I loved working in. I … [Read More...]

The Secret to High Performance

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What is the secret to higher performance?  This is a critical question recognizing time and opportunity are limited.   The secret is to align the elements that are constantly changing and shifting.   These elements include thoughts and feelings, your personal habits and practices, your … [Read More...]

Invest One Day to Create Your Best 2016

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Last December I encouraged my clients and readers to take a whole day over the holidays to re-charge and re-set their systems. This year, I encourage you to do the same and then one. … [Read More...]

Praise for Skillful Means